Applicants who wish to apply for a Bangladesh visa, are first requested to fill the online application form for Machine Readable Visa (MRV).

To fill in online application form for visa, please click here

Bangladesh Embassy, Moscow strongly advises you to ensure the followings at the time of fill in online application for visa:

  • Passport details
  • Address & phone number in Bangladesh,
  • Email address.

After completing all the steps in the online visa application form, please check all your information carefully before submitting the online application. 

After submitting the online application, you will receive a PDF file of your application for download.

Who are eligible to apply

Ambassadors/diplomats/consular officers & officers of equivalent status/ other embassy officials, their spouses and their dependent family members who wants to go to Bangladesh for the purpose of official job/duty (and accompanying/joining principal), they are eligible to apply for Diplomatic/other official visa.

Duration of Diplomatic/other Embassy officials visa

Diplomatic/other Embassy officials visa may be issued for as required with single, or multiple entries. Duration of stay in this category of visa is also as required in each visit.

Extension of visa

Extension up to as required could be obtained from Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP)in Bangladesh.

Please note that the validity of the visa begins from the date of issue and not from the date of travel on your application form.

The following documents are required while submitting your application:

The following documents are required at the time of submission of your application:

  • 1. Printed copy of duly filled in online VISA application form and signed accordingly;
  • 2. Recent passport size colour photo- 2 (Two) copies with white background;
  • 3. Original Passport (valid at least for six months) with photocopy of photo page;
  • 4. Original Note Verbal or official letter from the concern Ministry / Office of Russian Federation, Belarus or Kazakhstan mentioning the applicant's position, duration of stay and the date of joining in the concern embassy/ office/organization in Bangladesh.


Processing Time

Visa application processing times may vary from applicant to applicant, and in some case will require additional administrative processing and we cannot expedite these requirements, therefore we recommend you not to purchase flight ticket until you have your passport along with visa, returned to you.

Standard time to process a visa application, Bangladesh Embassy Moscow requires at least seven (07) working days.

If the Bangladesh Embassy requires an applicant to attend an interview, Consular section of Bangladesh Embassy will contact the applicant and inform the date and time of the interview accordingly.

"Please note that the validity of visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of travel"