Travel Permit

Travel Permit:

A Travel Permit is issued to a Bangladeshi citizen who does not possess a valid Bangladeshi Passport but intends to return to Bangladesh.

Requirements for Travel Permit:

  • Duly filled in Travel Permit application form (Form must be collected from the Embassy. For reference, a sample form is uploaded in the forms section which CAN NOT be downloaded and filled in. Uploaded form is for reference only).
  • Copy of previous passport (Information pages, page 2-3 only).
  • Digital Birth Certificate from Bangladeshi authority.
  • Three passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Physical presence of the applicant at the Embassy for an interview.

Fee (non-refundable): 

As per the rate mentioned in the rates section of this website. Payment can be done by cash at the Consular counter or in the Bank account of the Embassy.

Processing Time: 

At least 2-3 working days.

NB: A Travel Permit is valid for 3 months only.