Lost passport

Lost Passport




If the passport of a Bangladeshi National is lost and he/ she can produce copy of the information pages (page 2-3) of the lost MRP, then he/ she may apply for a new MRP against the lost one.


Required Documents and Procedure:


1) Download & fill up the MRP application form (Can be found in forms section of this website). Get a print of the filled up MRP application form. 

2) Submit the printed filled up form (mentioned above) along with the following documents at the Consular counter of the Embassy:

A) Police certificate from local police station against the lost passport. 

B) Photocopy of lost MRP Information pages (page 2-3).

C) Bangladeshi birth certificate photocopy.  

3) The applicant needs to face an interview at the Embassy prior to the enrolment if any anomaly/anomalies found in the supporting documents. The Consular Section reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any stage for necessary scrutiny.

4) The applicant would pay the fee for the MRP at the Consular counter (Rate can be found in the rates section of this site).

5) Subjected to satisfactory interview and submission of adequate documents and fee, the applicant’s biometric inputs (finger prints, signature on the electronic pad and photograph) will be taken at the bio-enrolment booth.

6) During the enrolment, the applicant will be provided with a proof copy of his/ her passport information. Applicants are requested to check the accuracy of the information carefully since these will be reflected in their passports. The Embassy will not be responsible for any mistakes by the applicant.

7) The applicant will be given a delivery slip along with the payment slip. Please keep both these slips which will be mandatory during the delivery of the issued passport. If any of these slips are lost, a police report is mandatory to collect the MRP.

8) Normally an MRP is ready for delivery within 40-45 days from the date of enrolment. However, due to police verification and inaccuracy of the information provided by the applicant, it may take a longer time than expected.

9) Once the passport is received by this Embassy from DIP/Dhaka, the applicant will be informed to collect it.

10) Applicants are requested to come along with the delivery slip & payment slip and any other documents specified by the enrolment official.

11) If applicant doesn’t come and send anybody to collect the Passport in favour of him/ her, it is necessary to send a letter of authorization of the applicant. Without adequately mentioned information & appropriate signature of the applicant in the letter of authorization, passport will not be delivered.